Hi! I’m Simeon, an undergraduate History and Art History double major at Oberlin College — one of my hobbies is to learn about Byzantine art.

This blog is a product of my independent research on thirteenth century Venetian architectural sculpture. My knowledge is based on a year of reading scholarship on the topic, going through relevant primary sources, translating a few documents from the original Latin, and visiting Venice itself and the surrounding area for a month. My goal is to create an online platform for scholarship on the history of the city of Venice and the Venetian Empire in the Duecento, with a focus on sculpture as well as art and culture in general.

Hopefully I can establish a helpful resource for students, scholars, and enthusiasts on one of the largest cities and drivers of international commerce in the 1200s.

A few fantastic resources on Duecento Venetian culture:








Please comment or message me with any thoughts! Let me know if you are pursuing any similar research topics on Medieval Italy, Byzantine art, or the Crusades.

Thank you for reading!


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